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What Is Bulk Messaging Service?

Bulk SMS means Bulk Messaging, is a service that enables businesses of all types to send a large number of SMSs to a group of recipients at once. It is generally used to send transactional sms and promotional SMS to a large audience such as sending offers, reminders, alerts and other types of information to the register audience. Businessman can send bulk SMS using a Android App, Web based application, Https secure API.

Bulk SMS Service

Features of Bulk SMS Service

Raising Your Marketing Strategy with Smsgatewayhub, India's Largest leading Bulk SMS provider

Promotional and Transactional SMS

Promotional & Transactional SMS

Our quick messaging system enables businesses to send promotional offers, OTPs, alerts and transactional sms to their target audience.

Check DND Integrate

Check DND Integrated

Filter all the numbers based on the DND (Do Not Disturb) and effectively select your intended target audience.

Multiple SMS Campaigns

Multiple SMS Campaigns

Send multiple SMS campaigns simultaneously without any disturbance, and manage all SMS campaigns from a single sms account.

Schedule SMS Campaigns

Schedule SMS Campaigns

Our Schedule bulk sms campaigns according to your time. Schedule SMS feature is really good, Schedule feature Reducing time consumption and increasing the customer responsiveness.

Resend SMS

Resend SMS

Increase your client base through SMS resend functionality and secure your Bulk SMS marketing campaign from network related issues.

SMS Integration

3rd Party Integration

Easy your sms campaign procedures by linking your system with CRM, CMS, Zapier, Stripe, Google Sheets, Zoho apps and other platforms.

Whatsapp API

Whatsapp API

We makes it easy for business to create a brand and communicate with clients on WhatsApp. Connect with your clients on WhatsApp, Add Whatsapp API to send business messages to your clients.

Indian Language SMS

Indian Languages SMS

Send sms with unicode option to send sms in regional, national and indian languages like hindi, marathi, gujrati, urdu tamil, telugu etc.

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Use Cases of SMS API

Example #1

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a marketing and adverting way where businesses send text sms to promote their services or products. For example, an grocery online store might send a text message to clients offering a discount coupon for their next purchase.

E.g."congratulations ! you can use 10% discount coupon on next grocery purchase till 31 July 2023. visit : https://promotion-sms to take advantage of this amazing offer."

Promotional SMS
Transactional SMS
Example #2

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are text messages sent by businessman to provide clients with important messages related to their business accounts or transactions, such as appointment reminders, order confirmations, business updates etc.

E.g."Dear Mohit, your appoinment with Dr. Rajesh has been confirmed for 15 July at 2:PM. Thank you for choosing our clinic."

Example #3


Our mission - provide critical solution secure sms services small to large scale businesses. OTP SMS are used to send verification codes for users, registration, login, payment authentication etc.

E.g."Your One Time Password (OTP) is 254870. It will remain valid for 90 seconds. Please keep your OTP confidential and don't share it with any one. Thank You BOB Banking."

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How to work Smsgatewayhub's Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk SMS services enable businesses to send text bulk sms to their target customer through web based platforms, APIs or Android APP.
Here's a general steps of how the process works with Smsgatewayhub's Bulk SMS service:

sms account setup Stage 01
Account Setup

1) DLT registration required to all users. 2) After registration will be provide a sender ID. 3) User must require approval for their sms message content. 4) After create ID, Smsgatewayhub will provide them with an SMS control panel.

create message Stage 02
Create Message

Users can create & send text sms directly from our Bulk SMS panel. User can also scheduled sms for a specific date & time.

sms delivery Stage 03
SMS Delivery

Smsgatewayhub send your messages to the exact recipient through multiple mobile network operators.

track sms report Stage 04
Track Report

To track the panel performance and success of campaigns, We can provide them with detail reports and graph, such as delivery and response rates.

Use Cases Of Smsgatewayhub's Messaging Bulk SMS Service


Marketing Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk SMSes are the most reliable, suitable, effective and alternative for running a marketing campaign.

Marketing Bulk SMS Campaign
OTP Verification SMS

OTP Verification SMS

Bulk SMS are generally used by businessman to send timely OTP verification.


Appointment Reminder

Send automated reminder sms to your business customers of their appointments.

Automatic Appointment Reminder SMS
Payment Billing SMS

Billing & Payment

Send Billing, payment and Invoice SMS to your customers time to time using our services.


Survey & Feedback

Collecting customer feedback after successful sales can be done through Bulk SMS services, which is the best method used by enterprises.

Feedback and Survery
Update Status

Status Updates

Businessman use Bulk SMS to provide their customers with updates regarding the status of their payments, orders, deliveries and more information.

Benefits of using our Bulk SMS Service

Achieve greater results with small Investments

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Reach your clients instantly. Our bulk SMS service guarantees your message will reach your client's inboxes in real-time.

High Conversion

High Conversion

Increase your conversion rate through bulk SMS Campaigns. Unlike emails, SMSes have high open rates, which ensure increase conversion.

Target Audience

Target Audience

Filter your sms campaign effectiveness to reach your target right audience by usine a DND (Do Not Disturb) functionality.

Custom Messages

Custom Messages

Our bulk sms service provide users to generate custom message templates, featuring personal content to connect their customers.

High Returns of investment

High Returns

SMS service can be used to send offers, discount coupon and promotion sms to clients, which can help to increase your sales.

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Why Use Smgsgatewayhub's Bulk SMS Service?

Affordable Price


At Smsgatewayhub, we offer high quality bulk SMS service provider in India at the most affordable price.

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

With our instant installation method, you can connect with your clients without wast time.

Customer Service

End-To-End Customer Service

We are available 24x7 for your help, you can instant connect with us via phone, email, whatsapp and our instant support ticket system.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Track your SMS Marketing and other sms campaign's performance in real time system using our digital dashboard.

API integrations

API Integrations

Using Our API Recreate your business solutions CRM and other third-party applications.

Award Winning Bulk SMS Company

Award Winning Comapny

SMSGATEWAYHUB Team outstanding contribution in quality management and excellence, in realm of customer satisfaction.

Who Should Use Smsgatewayhub's Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS service helps business quickly and efficiently reach the target customers and contribute to their growth. Bulk SMS services are generaly used across various firms including banking & finance, healthcare, retail sector and more, for multiple purposes such as clients engagement, marketing, brand awareness etc.

Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance
Education Tech
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Travel Tourism
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
Media Advertisement
Media & Advertisement
Consulting Services
Retail Shop
E-Commerce Business
Government & Public Utilities
Food Beverages
Food & Beverages
Beauty Services
Web CRM & ERP Technology

Bulk SMS Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a reliable cost bulk SMS service provider in India?

There are many reliable bulk SMS service providers in India. Here are some easy steps you can follow to find a best and reliable service provider :

  • Search online
  • Please take our services demo.
  • Check our service features
  • Check our service reviews.
How does bulk SMS work?

Bulk SMS service create a connection between businesses and Bulk SMS service providers that have direct links to mobile network operators & TRAI.
Bulk sms user upload their contact lists, create message template, sender id and launch or schedule sms campaign. After sms campign end, user can check sms delivery reports.

How To check the Best Bulk SMS service provider?

To check the best bulk SMS service provider, you may look the given below parameters:

  • Look for a user friendly bulk SMS service provider
  • Check safe and secure service provider
  • Reliable & Best delivery rates
  • Competitive service pricing
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Check online reviews and rating
  • Compare service features before making a final decision.
Which is the best bulk SMS service provider in india?

The means of the best bulk SMS service provider can differends on individual preferences. Some service providers offer fast delivery and low rates, while others offer affordable prices & delivery but with limited time period. However, Smsgatewayhub is currently a reliable and leading bulk sms service provider that complete to individual preferences and offers the best bulk SMS service and support at an affordable price.

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