WordPress SMS plugin

You can add to WordPress, the ability to send SMS, member of SMS newsletter and send the SMS. To every happening in WordPress, you can send an SMS through this plugin.

Wordpress SMS Plugin Document :-

For Demo this plugin please mail support@smsgatewayhub.com.

SMS Plugin Main Features :

  • Sending SMS/MMS to the mobile number(s), your subscribers and WordPress users.
  • Collecting mobile numbers from subscribers during the newsletter sign-up process.
  • Automatically sending SMS messages to users and administrators in various situations.
  • Sending activation codes to subscribers when a new post is published or when they complete the subscription process.
  • Allowing users to opt-in to SMS newsletters and group with your custom fields.
  • Providing an option for users to unsubscribe or opt-out of SMS messages through a widget or URL.
  • Enhancing security with two-step verification.
  • Enabling users to log in using their mobile number in case they forget their password.
  • Sending Notification SMS to administrators :
    1) To inform new releases of WordPress
    2) When a new user is registered
    3) When new comments are posted
    4) When users are logged into the WordPress
    5) When users are registered to subscribe in forms.
  • Integration with Contact Form 7.
  • Integration with Zapier for connecting more than +5000 apps.
  • Providing a widget/Gutenberg block/Shortcode for showing Send SMS form in website.
  • Providing a widget/Gutenberg block/Shortcode for displaying an SMS newsletter form.
  • Supporting Webhooks.
  • Supporting WP REST API.
  • Meeting GDPR compliance requirements.
  • Importing and exporting subscribers and much more!


The Pro package includes a range of integrations with other plugins and several well-known gateways. It also includes features such as user registration verification, WooCommerce mobile verification, and order notifications. Check Pro Plugin Features.

Wordpress SMS plugin Integration Steps

  • Firstly Download then Upload this plugin.
  • After Upload this plugin please Activate this plugin.
  • After Activate plugin , you see "SMS" tab on wordpress left hand side panel.
  • Hover "SMS" tab you see "settings" link.
  • After Click "settings" link , please complete fill settings then save.

    Setting Step - 1
    wp-sms-smsgatewayhub Setting Step - 2
    wp-sms-smsgatewayhub Setting Step - 3
    wp-sms-smsgatewayhub Setting Step - 4
    wp-sms-smsgatewayhub Setting Step - 5
    wp-sms-smsgatewayhub Setting Step - 6
  • After Save Complete settings you can send sms on wordpress.
  • Hover "SMS" tab you see "Send SMS" link.
  • After Click "Send SMS" link please send test message.
  • After Send Message you can see your sms report.
  • Hover "SMS" tab you see "Outbox" link.
  • After Click "Outbox" link you see your sms report.

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