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RCS Messaging Solutions in India

RCS is an IP-based messaging service provided to mobile phone users through mobile operator networks. Bring branded, and interactive mobile experiences onto an Android messaging app.

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RCS Messaging Solutions

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS means for Rich Communication Services. RCS is an new gen Text Messaging service which would be create a better experience in messaging for your clients.

You can present your messaging in a better experience to your consumers by sharing 2 way messaging, best visual presentation, emojis, stickers, videos, payments, real-time location, video calls, best quality images, documents and many more. All this comes with business branding, verified badge to gain trust from your clients.

RCS Messaging
Benefits RCS Messaging

Features & Benefits of RCS Messaging

  • Personalized Experience & Fallback as SMS
  • Enables 2-Way Communication
  • Rich Promotional Campaigns
  • Product Cross-Selling Possibilities
  • In-app Browser (Eliminates Landing Page)
  • Higher Read Rate & Engagement
  • AI/ML Based Chatbot Integration

How RCS Messaging Works

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RCS Messaging FAQ's

What is RCS?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a modernized version of SMS, allowing senders to brand their messages, share rich media and derive analytics.

Why should a company use RCS?

RCS Business Messages offers an engaging experience for brands to communicate with their customers. The application improves the messaging experience significantly, with features that are today's digital-first customers are used to. RCS Business Messages also provides actionable insights for businesses to gauge the efficacy of their messaging campaigns and create intelligent strategies to move customers through the marketing funnel.

What is the difference between RCS and SMS?

The increase in the usage of WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook & Google has prompted mobile network service providers to offer RCS Messages as an alternative to SMS Text Messages. With RCS Business Messages, users can experience feature-rich messaging opportunities of RCS like image & video sharing, as opposed to a text-only messaging option in an SMS.

Moreover, RCS content is sent across the cellular network natively and the user does not need to download an OTT app or create an account. Hence, RCS is a reliable and a convenient messaging platform that can be leveraged by businesses and end users.

What RCS features does Smsgatewayhub provide?

Smsgatewayhub RCS Business Messages allows organizations to have a manageable personalized approach and provide an engaging CX via 2-way communications and rich promotional campaigns. This eventually increases the cross-selling possibilities, read rate & engagement. Its in-app browser feature helps enterprises to eliminate landing pages. It also provides fallback as SMS service and AI/ML chatbot integrations to keep in touch with the customers 24X7.

Will Apple support RCS?

While Apple devices do not support RCS Business Messages, the company has expressed its interest in implementing RCS and an update is awaited. Watch this space for more information.

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