DLT Registration Mandatory for SMS Services in India

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers have to be registered in the DLT platform.

It is being issued in the public interest to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms. Earlier the bulk SMS providers were required to register with TRAI. With the updated rules, whoever wants to send promotional or transactional SMS to their customers needs to be DLT registered.

DLT Registration FAQ TRAI Regulations

Steps To Register on DLT Platform

Entities not on the DLT platform may not be able to send messages

Step 1: Entity Registration

This includes details of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents like GST, PAN, TAN, CIN etc. The process has been designed for easy and quick completion. Your organisation will get a unique Entity ID.

Step 2: Sender ID (Header) Registration

Messages are classified into Transactional, Promotional, Service Implicit and Service Explicit. Entities need to register all their header on the platform. Every header gets a unique Sender ID (Header ID).

Step 3: Content Template Registration

Once a template is created, the entity retains the template ownership across all platforms. Every template gets a unique Template ID that is shared across other Blockchain DLT SMS platforms seamlessly.

Step 4: DLT Platform Templates Registered

Once your template gets approve from DLT platform. Require all the approved template in Excel format, Kindly Email us all the approved templates as per given excel format. Email: support@smsgatewayhub.com

DLT Guideline Update as on October 11, 2020

Every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain 'Brand Name(s)' (Complete business name/brand name/trademark) in the content field. That have been registered so far, should be updated with 'Brand Name(s)' by October 31, 2020.

For Enterprise registration, request you to first start registration with DLT Operator Registration Fees is Rs. 5900/- and get a unique Entity Id from the Operator (This might take around 72 working hours to get approved) which should be used with All DLT operators.

DLT Operators List

You can register any of the below operators as principal Entity to get your Sender ID (headers), templates approved

Changes as per Regulations

Pre DLT Post DLT Remarks
Customer Consent No Yes Verifiable digital records of all customer opt-ins are made available on the platform. Customers can also see all their consents on a single dashboard
Customer Preferences Yes Yes Consumers can also select specific day(s) and time band to block (or) receive. commercial communication in addition to type of category; viz only DND
Entity/Enterprise Registration No Yes Entity need to register with originating access provider (OAP) on the platform
Telemarketer Registration Yes Yes Telemarketer should now register with originating access provider (OAP) and no longer with TRAI
Header Registration No Yes Entity should register all its SMS Headers and Voice CLIs on the platform
Type of Messages Transactional Transactional Every template should be registered under one of these classifications: Promotional, Transactional or Service (Implicit or Explicit)
Promotional Promotional  
Govt Service (Inferred Consent) Government messages are classified under Service category
  Service (Explicit Consent)  
Scrubbing Yes (only DND Check for Promotional SMS) Yes (Promotional & Service Explicit) Messages will be scrubbed against multiple parameters like Consent, Preference, Header, Template; and not just DND list
Complaint Management Yes Yes Telecom operators will now be responsible for complaint resolution
Interoperability between telecom Service Providers No Yes Registration details of Entity, Telemarketer, Header, Template will be shared across the network to ensure seamless view
100% Traceability No Yes Everything is recorded and shared on the network using Blockchain technology.
Delivery Report Yes No Delivery status for promotional messages will not be available post DLT.
1. Promotional Traffic
2. Transactional Traffic Yes Yes Delivery status for transactional messages will continue to be available post DLT.

DLT Priority Support

Get your DLT Account, Headers and Templates Activated with ease.

Our DLT Support Champions will ensure smooth transition from Non-DLT to DLT based systems

  • DLT Account Approval and Activation Full End-to-End Support to get your DLT Account Activated along with Headers and Templates.
  • Headers and Templates Approvals Our DLT Support Champions helps you in formatting submitting the Headers and Templates as per requirement.
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DLT Support

Complete DLT Template Registration Guide

Following TRAI directive, telecom operators have suspended template scrubbing for 7 days (from March 9, 2021) to facilitate template registration for all businesses. Please note that this is only a temporary relaxation, so we would strongly urge you to take advantage...

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Why DLT Registration is Mandatory

Distributed Ledger Technology is a Blockchain-based registration system that keeps track of transaction records transact between network participants. The platform is being issued in the public interest to control SMS spam from different marketing companies.

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DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) FAQ's

DLT registration mandatory?

Answer: Yes, DLT registration is mandatory for every Telemarketer, Reseller, Company and Single User.

DLT Registration Steps?

Answer: The complete process for DLT registration 3 important steps:
1. Entity Registration
2. Sender Id (Header) Registration
3. Template Registration

Do I need to register with TRAI for DLT Registration?

Answer: DLT process is initiated by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). However, you need to contact the telecom operators such as Airtel, JIO (Reliance), Vodafone Idea (VILPOWER), Videocon (PingConnect), BSNL, MTNL etc. for DLT Registration.

What is the process to register Sender Id (Header) on DLT platform?

Answer: You need to follow specific guidelines and steps from different operators to register your Sender ID (Header) on the DLT platform. For More Detail contact our DLT Team DLT.support@stripl.in

If my Sender ID (Header) doesn't match with my Company Name applied on DLT, then what should I do?

Answer: In this case, upload a document to prove the co-relation between your Company Name & the Sender ID (Header). If the registrar is satisfied with the document of proof, your Sender ID (Header) may get approved.

What is the process to register template on DLT platform?

Answer: The steps to get Template approval depends on the operator you choose to register with. For more information on template registration process please contact our DLT Team DLT.support@stripl.in.

After getting Entity ID from operator, is the DLT registration completed?

Answer : No, you have to proceed with few more steps to complete your DLT registration.

1. Add Sender ID (Header)
2. Add your service provider as a Telemarketer in your account.

When I attempt to register on DLT platform, it displays error "Organization with this POI has been already registered".

Answer : If you are getting this error, it implies that you have registered before with the same credentials or your registration process is incomplete.
Click on the "forgot password" and follow the instructions. If you are still not able to log in to your account, contact the support team of the operator.

Can a Principal Entity send commercial communication related to other line of businesses?

Answer : No, a Principal Entity cannot send commercial communication related to other line of businesses as it is strictly prohibited. New TRAI regulations mandates that the content of the commercial communication must be stringent to the line of business of the PE only.

How can I contact my operator in case of any query?

Answer : Please find the list of email IDs, contact numbers, and Twitter handle of different operators to send your query.

Email ID: telemarketer.helpline@airtel.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/airtelindia

Email ID: support@vilpower.in
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/vodaidea news

Email ID: dlt.helpdesk@infotelconnect OR customercare@infotelconnect.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ConnectBB

Email ID: jio.ISOMCCSupport@ril.com
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/jiocare

For how long my Telemarketer registration is valid? What is the Telemarketer renewal fee?

Answer :Telemarketer registration is renewal after five years and the fee shall be decided later.

Why is it necessary to register the entity on ALL DLT Platform?

Answer: As per the process we (STPL) has been made to understand that we have to get all our users registered on whichever telecom operator's connectivity we are using for SMS delivery. For e.g. If we are using Multi operator connectivity like Jio, Airtel, BSNL, Videocon, VI, Vodafone etc. then all our users have to register on all these operator's DLT Platform. We (STPL) also have to register as Telemarketer on all these operator's DLT Platform.

Who is charging Rs. 5000+GST (Rs.5900) for DLT registration?

Answer: Rs.5900 has to be paid to the telecom operator as DLT registration charge. We (STPL) are not taking that charge. Also we are getting the entities registered for free whenever the operators are giving us the communication of the same.

If we don't register on DLT platform will our SMS delivery be stopped?

Answer: As we have multiple operator Connectivity we will try to pass on the maximum possible flexibility to our esteemed client's, but we (STPL) are the aggregators of SMS service wherein we are dependent on the telecom service providers like VILPOWER, Videocon (Smart Ping), BSNL, Airtel, MTNL etc. So in case these operators implement the rules strictly as per TRAI mandate then we will be forced to comply with the norms and will not be able to process SMS from Unregistered Entities.

Has the entity to do only company registration on DLT platform?

Answer: No. Entity registration is only one of the steps, the Further Phase (2) and Phase (3) includes Header (Sender ID) registration and Content Template Registration respectively, which will be communicated soon.

For more information, please Feel free to Call: +91 9977890004 or Mail us at DLT.support@stripl.in DLT Support will be available Monday to Saturday : 10:00AM to 7:00PM

Disclaimer: We are following the Instructions from the Telecom operators for this Process based on the TRAI Mandate and are not sure about the implications and effects of this process. Thanks for cooperating with us. Some parts of this blog have been curated from TRAI's official website for informational purpose.

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