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Cloud Based IVR Service

How IVR Work?

customer care call cernters and help desk servics can utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated platform that lets computers interact with humans via voice and tones entered through a keypad. This can essentially save cost of operations and also increase security in the calls. In his article, we will talk about how IVR works. The technology used in IVR has revolutionized the industry. Before, to gather responses from the caller, the solution has to present information with the use of pre-recorded voice prompts. IVR uses a special hardware such as the telephony board or telephony card and a computer to accept calls. When a person connects to a call. they will be guided to the menu options and asked the numbers to dial into the device.

How IVR Work
IVR Interactive Voice Response

Why you will go with SMSGATEWAYHUB?

  • Easy Online registration Process on SMSGATEWAYHUB.
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  • SMSGATEWAYHUB provide you configure your own number as a IVR number.
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  • No Internet connections required Compulsory.
  • Download your IVR report.
  • Access your IVR with any Device.

IVR Features

IVRs Solution is the service which accepts the calls, collect information and direct the call to proper recipient.

How it works?



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Cloud Based IVR FAQ's

What is IVR-Interactive Voice Response?

IVR - short for Interactive Voice Response - automates communication with phone guests. The vast majority know about IVR applications. These applications permit clients to recover data, for example bank balance, flight timetables, and film show times from any phone and without the assistance of a live operators.

What is Inbound IVR and Outbound IVR?

Inbound IVR implies the IVR framework handles approaching calls. Typically inbound IVR applications are utilized for business telephone frameworks, with music on hold, auto attendant, 24/7 self-service, and automatic call steering. Outbound IVR implies that calls are dialed out. Outbound IVR applications include phone studies, update calls, and alerts calls.
Most IVR frameworks are intended for inbound applications. SMSGATEWAYHUB IVR Studio is for both inbound and outbound IVR applications. Furthermore, IVR Studio upholds coordination with outbound applications, like SMSGATEWAYHUB Broadcast By Phone Auto Dialler.

How do you integrate IVR with existing systems?

SMSGATEWAYHUB's IVR platform supports two integration methods - HTTP and Java. With HTTP, an Internet convention for the World Wide Web, the framework can without much of a stretch interface with any site. For different applications, any program written in Java can be handily coordinated utilizing Smsgatewayhub's IVR programming.

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