Bulk SMS Campaign Management

Our Campaign Management Does Much More than Just Shrinking URLs

Campaign Management has all features and functionalities, it's a complete package to enhance your reach, expand your business, track campaign and do more than you can think of. Check out more details about this ultimate solution!

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Bulk SMS Campaign

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Our Key Features

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

    Short URL

    Short, unique URL for every recipient with easy tracking options.

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

    Auto Repeat

    Stay connected with target audience, feed your brand in their head with Auto Repeat.

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

    Drip Messaging

    Drip your pre-written messages to customers, everything the way you want, when you want.

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

    Lead Generation

    Track your short URLs and convert prospects into customers, know who're interested

Campaign Management is the best way to create huge customers

Dynamic URL for better experience


Strengthen your brand awareness in the market to earn large chunk of money

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