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SMSGATEWAYHUB makes it easy for businesses to create a brand presence and communicate with customers on WhatsApp. Apply now for a limited slot in the WhatsApp Business solutions early access program.

Meaningful relationships begin with real time communication

WhatsApp is a cross-platform chat application that helps connect over 1 billion people across the globe daily. WhatsApp is recognized as the most popular messaging application across Asia, Latin America, and most of Africa and Europe. SMSGATEWAYHUB is an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider. WhatsApp Business API provides the ability to send out notifications and conduct 2-way conversations with consumers right within WhatsApp. Clickatell has integrated the API into its Connect and Touch SaaS solutions, which makes it easy for businesses to launch on WhatsApp.

Communicate freely and effectively with more customers

  • 180

    countries use WhatsApp

  • 60 billion

    WhatsApp messages sent daily

  • 4.5 billion

    photos shared per day

Business-to-customer engagement on WhatsApp

From time critical notifications and on-the-fly support to general customer care enquiries and 24/7 chat assistance – SMSGATEWAYHUB’s solutions will enable you to quickly and easily engage in rich conversations with your customers. SMSGATEWAYHUB solutions for WhatsApp caters to businesses* with high messaging volumes who need to communicate with their customers at scale. We can help you:

  • Build a business presence where your customers are
  • Become part of an exclusive WhatsApp verified business community
  • Securely conduct business on a private channel
  • Utilize powerful new tools to communicate efficiently with your customers
  • Respond to customers when they reach out

Send customers information they need where they want to receive it

How can WhatsApp Business API help your business? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Time critical notifications

Flight cancellations, delays, rescheduling which requires real-time communication, and customer service

Travel confirmation & alerts

Flight confirmations, check-in notifications, and boarding passes for travelers

Booking inquiries

Seat selection, payment/billing questions, cabin upgrades, and other information travelers need

Order updates

Purchase, tracking, and delivery information

Product availability

Information and updates on products that users are interested in, or would like to receive alerts for

Billing inquiries

Returns, payments, and other billing issues that need to be resolved

Alerts / warnings

Communicate transaction alerts or urgent warnings such as irregular credit card transactions, fees charged, reaching credit limit, etc.

Urgent issues

Inbound requests that require urgent problem solving such as lost or stolen credit card reports

Inquiries / statements

Account or loan balance inquiries, credit limit inquiries, rewards inquiries, etc.

The SMSGATEWAYHUB WhatsApp Business API caters to larger enterprise businesses* with higher messaging volumes, addressing the need for business process automation and integration within their existing communication platforms.

Features of WhatsApp Business API:

  • Send & receive rich text messages, images, video, and popular document formats

  • Status updates to track sent, delivered and read messages

  • Comprehensive statistics and analytics reporting capabilities

  • Secure end-to-end messaging

SMSGATEWAYHUB WhatsApp Business API integration:

  • SMSGATEWAYHUB Connect makes it easy for you to reach your customers on WhatsApp

  • Simplified REST-based API for WhatsApp messaging

  • Use the same SMSGATEWAYHUB account to communicate on other available channels

  • Fully managed verification, approval and rapid on-boarding

  • Fully managed business profile management, technology integration, support, infrastructure management, and storage services

  • Self-serve portal for messaging tools, administration and management

You might also be interested in Touch

SMSGATEWAYHUB Touch enables automated and live agent 2-way messaging between businesses and its customers through various channels including WhatsApp. Leverage the combined power of WhatsApp and SMSGATEWAYHUB Touch and give your business the competitive edge.

Touch is pre-integrated with WhatsApp, so you don't have to worry about additional development. With Touch, a business can:

  • Conduct customer and live agent communication using the Touch Chat Desk application
  • Provide automated responses to in-bound frequently asked customer queries through trained chat bots
  • Provide self-guided workflow experiences using the Touch business automation tools for common customer care engagements

Tap into the power of WhatsApp for business and engage with your customers like never before

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