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Boost Your Customer Trust In Your Business With Google Verified SMS

Google Verified SMS (vSMS) enables the display of your brand's name and logo. It marks your business with a verified sender badge on the top to help build trust among your customers. Additionally, it also allows link previews in your message conversations.

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Google Verified SMS

How does verified messages work ?

Did you know that about 75%+ of users prefer verified messages from businesses over regular messages? Using verified messages, a business can enhance the customer experience. At a time when data theft is so rampant, sending a verified sms communication can help cultivate a feeling of trust in the business as also, make your message stand out.
What does the user see when they get a verified message?
When a business sends across a verified message, the receiver sees the following in the message thread:

  • Sender's business name
  • Business logo
  • Verification badge
Google Verified SMS work
Benefits Google Verified SMS

Benefits of Verified SMS

It is a given that with verified messages, your business will get to enhance the client experience as well as build trust too. Still, there are several other benefits too.

  • Higher open rate : Contrary to e-mails, SMS guarantees higher open rates, more so if it is a verified SMS.
  • Brand impression : As per research, there is 16% higher chances of creating a good brand impression.
  • Likelihood to recommend : In a market, teeming with brands, it is often difficult for a client to make the right choice or indeed a recommendation.
  • Cost effective : For a fairly small price, customers can provide a compelling value to their SMS engagement strategy by increasing confidence in user engaging the Business.

Enhancing the customer experience with Verified Calls

With increasing text and phone call fraud affecting consumer trust, Google is providing more secure business communication experiences through both messaging and calling.

Verified Calls, a new feature in the Google Phone app, builds user trust and increases call reply rates by authenticating calls from legitimate businesses and displaying verification, branding, and call reasons on the incoming call screen.

Google Verified Calls

Google Verified SMS FAQ's

Do businesses share the message content with Google when sending a verified message ?

No, the message content is coded and can only be read by the receiver. It is never shared with Google.

How do I get started with Google Verified SMS ?

In order to ensure that the onboarding is quick, Google suggests that you work with an existing partner, such as Smsgatewayhub. To sign up, you will simply need to provide your SMS provider with a logo and business description. Your SMS provider will then work with Google to implement it and Google will reach out to you directly to confirm your participation.

What is the pricing of Google Verified SMS ?

You will be required to reach out to Smsgatewayhub or your SMS provider for the exact cost, pricing and promotions. For Smsgatewayhub, you can reach out to

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