Introducing our SMPP SMS API...

Build SMS into your apps, websites and software in minutes, no matter what programming language you use.

SMS API. The killer features.

A simple & lightweight API. All you need to SMS-enable your business.

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Send SMS. It's automatic.

Integrating with the SMSGATEWAYHUB API allows businesses like yours to automatically send text messages from apps, websites and software – all at low cost.

Fast & easy. You'll be sending SMS in minutes.

Our in-house team have developed our SMS API to be really intuitive and easy to use, including a wealth of features and the reliability that you need to build the best solution for your business. Our developer site will guide you through integrating with your application. You'll find sample code, documentation and plenty of hints and tips, so you'll be sending SMS in no time at all.

fast and easy

From address. Identification.

You can set a from address to let recipients easily identify who a message is from. The originator can include up to 6 alpha-numeric characters, such as your company or brand name.

Track messages. Your app responds.

Our Push Notification service allows your apps to receive automatic updates when a message has either arrived at its destination, failed to reach its destination or you have received a message from somebody else. Alternatively, you can simply request the current status of messages at any time via our API or Echo, our web-based platform.

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