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Transactional SMS In Bokaro-Steel-City

SMSGATEWAYHUB Services provides web based control panel is fully featured in bokaro-steel-city which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place. It is very easy to use our control panel with user friendly UI. Necessary information is available into the panel i.e. sender's mobile number, message, date and time of message. Real time reports downloading in excel format is available with the panel. You can also manage your customers or contacts in our panel's address book. SMSGATEWAYHUB Services offers Transactional SMS Services, can be used by any selected category companies which are given by TRAI. Some of the features are listed below.

  • SMSGATEWAYHUB Guarantees lowest price for the bestest services we provide. High services = low price is a key-feature of SMSGATEWAYHUB. Find a low price & we will match it.
  • We love our dashboard it is decorated with many lovely features like graphical delivery report presentation, your recent activity, messages from admin etc.
  • Frustrated on sending sms just to Non-DND numbers? Buy our amazing trasactional gateway which allows SMS to be sent on DND numbers too. No promotions please!
  • Our server conjoins multiple SMS gateways that are dynamically picked up to send SMS. This will help our server to be stable and will reduce the load on a single gateway while sending sms
  • Hurray, SMSGATEWAYHUB is so kind to provide unlimited validity to it's users. So now your remaining sms stays in your account for years unless and until you use them.

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