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You can choose which city you want to target and send bulk SMS to only that city. Furthermore, we have a filter option where you can send bulk SMS to only Business Users in Paonta Sahib or General users in Paonta Sahib. so that our clients can choose which segment of public they want to target depending upon the nature of their business. For eg. If you only want to target Business Users in Paonta Sahib, you will be given an option to first select city as "Paonta Sahib" and then select "Business Users" or "General Public" or "All" and just draft your message and send it. Within 5 minutes you can send Bulk SMS to lacs of users from all over India from any part of India.

Our Method of Sending Bulk SMS in Paonta Sahib

Upon Free registration with us, you will get a personal admin panel on SMSGATEWAYHUB™ + a Free Mobile App. You can send and trigger unlimited SMS marketing campaigns from either your personal panel or Mobile App within seconds. SMSGATEWAYHUB™ is the only bulk SMS service provider in Paonta Sahib which offers a personal mobile app through which you can send bulk SMS sitting from anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS service from SMSGATEWAYHUB™

SMSGATEWAYHUB™ is the most reliable and trusted name in bulk SMS marketing in Paonta Sahib. The major advantages of working with SMSGATEWAYHUB™ are -

  • Genuine rates and Cost-guarantee - We charge only for genuine delivery of messages. If suppose you send 1,000 messages in Paonta Sahib, and your messages get delivered to only 800 people, we will only charge you for 800 messages.
  • Create own Contact list - you can create your own contact / customer list to trigger SMS campaigns. You can also import all your mobile contacts at a click of a button.
  • Delivery reports and 100% transparency - You will be able to monitor each SMS campaign that you send from your personal admin panel on SMSGATEWAYHUB™ with 100% transparency with actual delivery reports.
  • Mobile App - We are the only Bulk SMS marketing company in Paonta Sahib which gives you a Free Mobile App to trigger unlimited SMS campaigns right from your Mobile.
  • TRAI regulated - all our SMS campaigns are TRAI regulated and we only support genuine bulk SMS campaigns in Paonta Sahib. We do not allow sending messages to DND numbers in Paonta Sahib as per TRAI regulations.
  • We use high-quality dedicated cloud servers to ensure 100% delivery of your messages.

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