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Global connectivity and management solutions for IoT platforms

Quickly scale globally and take full control of your IoT system with automated IoT SIM ordering and alerting management.

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Global connectivity

Global IoT SIM
provisioning and

Connect with multiple operators in dozens of countries with our global IoT SIM provisioning

Global IoT SIM
Automated SIM ordering

Automated SIM ordering and alerting

Manage your SIMs from one place, no matter where you are in the world. Communicate with your devices using IoT SMS to send binary configuration commands, or send wake up calls using our voice channel.

Service quality
and stability

Achieve the best connection quality through dedicated Access Point Name – APN.

Service Quality
Flexible business model

Flexible business

Easily forecast costs with pricing models based on your expenditure.

Connected communication

Interact with end-users by connecting your IoT system with our omnichannel platform.

Connected Communication


Ensure optimal SIM performance now and for years to come with eSIM. Connect to multiple operators with a single click and avoid roaming charges.

Keep track of eScooters

To start connecting your world of devices, use the SMSGATEWAYHUB cellular offering. You can manage your SIM cards, track their usage, and send commands to the vehicles.

Fleet Management

Simplify your IoT deployment, get your fleets up and running faster. Connect them with sensors and deliver critical data to plan your operations properly.

Safety takes precedence in IoT

Key challenges for ridesharing company drivers are mitigating longer rides as they aim to meet their schedules in order to generate more revenue. Therefore, tired drivers cause more accidents and put traffic safety and other people at risk.

Monitor energy resources

The preliminary requirement of each IoT deployment is to be feasible in enabling connectivity of your existing assets, in this case the electrical grid which includes renewables and high-efficiency devices.

SMS Use Cases

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Global Connectivity And Management
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IOT Platforms

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