Enterprise-grade chat platform for secure IP messaging

Speed is critical for staying competitive in today’s fast-moving world. That’s why businesses everywhere have begun to integrate instant messaging (IM) into their operations to improve communications with customers and employees.

The only problem is, most IM platforms aren’t built for business. And when they’re brought into the enterprise, they can expose your most important systems and information to the wrong people.

We created Messenger Chat to solve this problem. It’s an enterprise-grade IM platform, enabling your employees to collaborate across devices and locations—instantly and securely.

A Full-Featured Chat Platform Built for Business

Unlike other social networking apps, Messenger Chat is built from the ground up to meet the unique demands of businesses. It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s reliable, giving you all the benefits of IP messaging—without the drawbacks of consumer social platforms.

With Messenger Chat, you don’t have to worry about business secrets being shared with the wrong network, files being stored in the public cloud, or important messages not being delivered. You get advanced security, a full set of administrative controls, and complete peace of mind—all built on SMSGATEWAYHUB popular SMS platform.

Messenger Chat provides seamless integration of IM and text messaging to ensure that your messages always reach their intended recipients. If a user is offline, messages are instantly converted to text and delivered via SMS, so your employees can still get their jobs done.

Benefits of Messenger Chat

Easy to Use

Instant messaging doesn’t get any easier than this. Messenger Chat provides an elegant user interface with intuitive controls—so employees can get down to business right away.


Talk may be cheap, but your data is valuable. Messenger Chat gives you a secure platform to keep your systems and data from falling into the wrong hands.

Fast and Reliable

Messenger Chat helps you stay ahead of customer demands, and the competition. It’s lightening fast and works anywhere, regardless of whether users are online or offline.

Administrative Controls

Chat is serious business. Messenger Chat gives you the tools you need to run it. Manage privacy settings, users and permissions, and data usage with a full set of administrative controls.

Modern Messaging for Today’s Workforce

Messenger Chat helps workforces around the world collaborate more effectively, instantly share files and expertise, and close more deals.Contact one of our specialist to discover a better way of doing business.