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SMS Long Code India (Shared), Dedicated Server Based

We offer hassle free SMS long code Service in India on shared and dedicated SMS longcode numbers

SMS long code service for India is another innovative service from SMSGATEWAYHUB. It helps you to cut-down the cost of sending SMS to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number. Using SMS Longcode service in India is similar to shortcode service, the difference is long code SMS number is a 10 digit SMS number. Our SMS longcode number is  9664653344 which is easy to remember and have good recall value. Incase you want to have your own dedicated Long code (Longcode) number then you can choose any premium number and use that as your SMS longcode number. SMS Longcode will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs, our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication fast and easy it also helps you to cut down the cost of pulling data from your server. You may also download SMS Longcode Integration guide from the link given below which will make integration easy with your web application. With SMSGATEWAYHUB, you're sure that you are getting the best SMS Long code service in India from the leader of SMS industry since 2009.

Hassle-free Always-Up SMS Service:  Dedicated/Shared Long Code Service requires good setup and technology understanding backed by proven configuration and maintenance Experience. SMSGATEWAYHUB is one of best choices for such a service with Best Customer Service and Post-Sales Support.

Post data to Web URL (URL FORWARDING) coming on SMS Long code: The Post to Web URL is one of most Powerful and easy to configure facility with Snowebs Long code service. Using this facilty, you could Configure a Website URL where the sent message should be posted. Whenever a User sends SMS to the requested Service, the message gets posted to configured URL with 'MSG' as sent message field and 'MSISDN' as Message Sender Mobile Phone Number along with additionaly configurable Optional fields. Thus we could easily integrate your website data with our SMS long code service using any of our Web Scripting/ Programming languages like ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP etc. For more details regarding integration of SMS long code service click here