Pay Only for Delivered SMS ! Introducing Delivery Based SMS Routes !

In our continuous effort to serve you more efficiently and give better value to your money. We are happy to revolutionize SMS Industry by introducing a new Delivery based SMS Billing system for all the SMS routes.
Now you can send SMS without worrying about the delivery ratio, because we will charge only if your SMS reached in the mobile inbox of your esteemed clients. You will get refund of all type of status i.e Failed,Sent,DND,Invalid,Errors,Expire,Undelievered.
This will give you 100% Delivery in all the routes which increase your ROI level on your marketing and customer satisfaction expenditure.
You can enjoy wide range of connectivity in our new routes i.e HTTP API,XML API,SMPP, White label Panel
To get started with our new Delivery Based SMS routes please contact your "Account Manager" or Contact our Sales Team or Just Miss Call to +91 7354912345