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SMSGATEWAYHUB SMS integration for vTiger

You can now expand vTiger CRM with our SMS module that helps you communicate with your customers efficiently.
With this vTiger SMS integration you will improve customer relationship as your customers are happy when they are notified about things that matter to them. However, this module is only for SMS notifications, so you cannot communicate across your departments with your team members.

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vTiger SMPP Configuration

What is vTiger CRM?

Vtiger is one of the most popular open-source CRM (customer relationship management) softwares that gives you the opportunity to adjust the system to your needs. It has added tools in its core that help companies increase sales growth, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and improve marketing ROI (return on investment). This can be done by streamlining processes across your entire organization.

Configuring SMPP Gateway

SMPP providers act as connectors which route the message to its destination. You are supposed to request your provider to get access to SMPP Interface.
Here's how to configure your SMSGATEWAYHUB gateway in Vtiger CRM.

  • Click icon
  • Click SMS Notifier under ESSENTIALS.
  • Click Customize icon > Server Configuration from top right.
  • Click New Configuration from right and configure following details in the popup that appears.
    • In the New Configuration pop-up, select SMPP from the Provider drop-down.
    • In the Active field, enable the radio-button Yes. Then, SMPP becomes your default SMS Gateway.
    • Enter your SMPP Service Provider name in the Provider Name field.
    • The System Type varies based on the provider, by default it is set to SMPP.
    • Enter the values for Host, Port, Username, Password, TON( Type of Number), NPI(Numbering Plan Identification), Address Range, Short Code and Bind Type as prescribed by the provider.

  • 1) TON, NPI and Address Range are the parameters relate to the sender address for messages that are submitted by the client.
  • 2) The Type of Number (TON) setting is used to indicate your ESME (External Short Messaging Entity)the format of the addressing (bind addressing) that will be processed for inbound messages for submits.
  • 3) The Numbering Plan Identification setting is used to indicate your ESME the numbering plan associated with your messaging.
  • 4) Address Range is to specify a set of SME address serviced by the ESME client.
  • SMPP allows you to use a Shortcode number as a sender address in your SMS messages. A short code number is usually a 4 or 5 digit telephone number (for example 5566). You receive this phone number from your SMS service provider when you sign up for their service.
  • In vtiger, SMPP supports two types of connection, Transmitter, and Transceiver. You can choose one among these two types under the Bind Type drop-down.

  • 1) Bind Type :
    a) Transmitter Mode: It is capable of submitting messages, but it is not able to receive any short messages.
    b) Transceiver Mode: It is similar to have a transmitter and receiver connection over the same network link and allows both submitting and receiving the messages.
  • Click save after the configuration.

  • 1) It is not necessary that every SMPP provider should provide TON, NPI and Address range values.
  • 2) Ensure that the phone number to which you intend to send out an SMS is in International E.164 format.
  • 3) Currently, SMPP supports only English text messages, the messages sent in other languages are not encoded and appear as ? (Question Mark).

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