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What is Opt-in ?

BULK SMS Optin-OptoutIn response of the recent amendments to the NCPR Regulations by TRAI, we have started providing White list based Opt-in Transactional SMS Access to the users.

As per TRAI guidelines, We can send SMS on our subscribers' Mobiles. All recipients should have to register their Mobile Numbers in OPTIN Database via sending SMS on Long Code / Short Code.

In India, very few Bulk SMS service providers use this unique SMS feather which helps them to add the additional contact list to the existing bulk SMS address book in a very simplified manner. All that you need to do is simply ask the people to send a text message to join your group or community.

What is Opt-in ?

Under this system the members have to opt-in to receive messages from the user. To opt-in, a sms needs to be sent as ( UserID START to 9664653344 ). The opt-in should be done by all recipients separately.

Send SMS Optin – Sender ID START and send on Long Code Number
Send SMS Optout - Sender ID STOP and send on Long Code Number

On successful Opt-in, Member will receive a SMS as follows:
Thank you for the OPTIN request for OPTIN SMS service. To OPTOUT in the future, please send sms OPTOUT to 9664653344.

Community Opt-In SMS Features :

Community Opt-In SMS Services can be used by any community or company or individual to send out important updates and this sms route will be treated as Transactional SMS Route Gateway.

  • Opt-in Option: Subscription through SMS compulsory.
  • Opt-out Option: Stop Services through SMS compulsory.
  • Delivery Time: 24×7 SMS Delivery.
  • DND Numbers: Delivered if subscribed.
  • Sender ID: Static Alpha Numeric 6 characters Sender ID.
  • Gateway Options: High Priority Transactional SMS Gateway.
  • Multiple Gateway: Automatically assigned to all clients.
  • Set up cost: Long code Charges applicable.