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Dedicated Longcode Same as Long Code Numbers Virtual Numbers are also dedicated or shared 10 digit numbers which are configured at the operator switch for processing huge volume of incoming traffic.

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About Dedicated Longcode

Dedicated Longcode is the best solution for high traffic enterprises. As this means that particular number is dedicatedly assigned for particular user. Thus high volume data can be handled in a better way with no interruptions in service. Unlimited main keywords are notable advantage of dedicated long code as the keywords can be rented out also.

  • We allow http api for application conectivity. All incoming sms can be pushed at your server for your keyword.
  • Dedicated Long code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers.
Long Code
Dedicated long code

Few applications of long code services include:

  • Multiple account management
  • Polls, promotions and surveys
  • Voting and Chat services
  • Two-way communication
  • Conducting promotional campaign
  • Person-to-person communication

Advantages of Dedicated Long code service

  • You can set your own number
  • Customer is charged as per normal SMS charges
  • Dedicated number with unlimited Keywords
  • Have same features like SMS Short code
Advantages of Dedicated Long Code

Dedicated Long Code Features

Expand receiving SMS on long code from across globe, that enables enterprises to communicate with target audience for SMS marketing.

Difference Dedicated & Shared Longcode

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