Find and verify the status of mobile number with an HLR Lookup of SMSGATEWAYHUB

Clean your data lists or check the status of a phone number before sending an alert or notifications via SMS


All Features

The process of running Hlr mobile number lookup is simple. We offer incredible features to check.

Database Cleaning

Clear your bad data of invalid numbers, duplicate contacts and landline numbers by our HLR lookup service.

Portability Check

Use HLR Lookup service for mobile number portability enquiries to obtain MCC and MNC (IMSI) information.



Easily clean your database or check the portability of a phone on our interface.


SMSGSATEWAYHUB offers an easy to integrate API to run an HLR look-up into your own systems.

Validate Any Number

Easily identify which network a number belongs to and check whether it is valid or invalid.

Save SMS Costs

Eradicate invalid numbers from your list and start saving SMS cost straight away.

Clean Your Contacts

Clean your database list easily at SMSGATEWAYHUB platform to see the active users list.

Scripted APIs

Ready-made scripted developers API that has the ability to perform HLR Lookups.

Live Status Reports

Get the real-time status of any mobile numbers and download the result in a format you like.

why choose only us?

Ready Code

Ready Code of API for integration

Omni Channel panel

All HLR lookup features under one roof

Android APP

Easy to install mobile application

35,000+ clients

Satisfied clients across the nation

Our own Application

Our own functional HLR lookup

10+ yrs experience

Possess high experience in the industry

Robust system

Super-fast interface to do HLR

Lots of APIs available

HLR API is straightforward to implement


HLR Lookup services at competitive pricing

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