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We Provide Reliable, Fast & Premium Bulk SMS Services in India, SMS Service include two types SMS categories – Implicit and Explicit. Promotional SMS send for marketing purpose. Transactional and OTP SMS usually used for send information, alerts, updates, OTP services and we also provide Bulk SMS API and CMS Plugins for send sms in India.

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INDIA's Most Trusted & Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider, Since 2009.

Struggling to Find New Customers? Let's Try Smsgatewayhub Bulk SMS services.

  • 12+ Years Experienced Company
  • Quick Customer Support
  • Bulk SMS API and Plugins
  • 99.99% Uptime Server
  • Reasonable Price Guaranteed
  • GST Tax Invoice
  • 100% Hassle Free DLT Registration
  • Money Back Guaranteed
  • 100% Trust Worthy Services
  • Multiple Route & Direct Connectivity
  • 10,000+ Customer Base
  • User Friendly Bulk SMS Panel
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Generate Better Leads To Increase Your Business With Fast SMS Delivery

We are using direct operators connectivity to provide you fast bulk sms delivery to enhance your business. SMS Gateway Hub offers Marketing SMS Services, can be used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services.
Our Company Design Simple SMS Panel. Well Structured, User-friendly Panel for sending SMS's in no time. No technical skills needed.

Take Your Business To Next Level using OTP SMS Services

SMSGATEWAYHUB Premium OTP SMS services are extensively used by Banks, Schools, Shipping, e-commerce Website and other businesses as well. We are registered TeleMarketing Company with TRAI and we also Registered GST Tax Payer in India.

  • Instead of sending links or verification code via email, use the OTP service to verify users before password resets.
  • Add an extra fold of security with OTP verification to complete a transaction securely.
  • Use OTP verification to be sure that your clients data remains secure.
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Bulk SMS FAQ's

How can I send bulk SMS online to my registered customers?

Our bulk SMS gateway control panel is very easy to use. Just login to dashboard and there will be two steps. On step first, you can enter mobile numbers and in step second you can type your message and click on send SMS button to deliver the message on your requested mobile numbers.

What is the difference between transactional SMS & promotional SMS?

Transactional SMS : Transactional SMS are informative SMS. People like to receive these SMS like banking, business, school & colleges alerts, bill payment reminders, OTP Service Etc. Transactional SMS will be delivered to all non dnd and dnd numbers and it works 24x7. Promotional SMS : Promotional sms are Marketing SMS. Company send promotional SMS to registered & non-registered mobile numbers to boost their reach and sales. This SMS will be delivered 10 am to 9 pm only. Promotional SMS will deliver only to non dnd numbers.

Do you provide bulk SMS excel plugin to send SMS?

Yes, We provide bulk SMS excel plugin. Our SMS Excel Plugin can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel and one can send different SMS to different mobile number at once instantly.

Do you provide bulk SMS api to send SMS from my website?

Yes, We provide bulk SMS API script to send SMS from your software & website. Our Free Bulk SMS API's is developed for custom integration with your application. With high flexibility and robustness & Secure, it can be easily integrated to work in any kind of environment. sms gateway hub provides the sample code like php, java,.net, c# for all the applications so that you can integrate our API without hassles.

How can I apply sender name as a header of SMS?

Of Course, we support sender id in 6 alphabets. Like SMSHUB as a header of your SMS.

Do you provide Tutorials?

Yes, We provide you step by step tutorials to send bulk SMS, please contact our support team.

Why Smsgatewayhub Is the Best Choice for Your business?

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Benefits of Bulk SMS Service For Your Business

Today, 70%+ of consumers think businesses should contact them via text sms more often. As per an online survey, 5 billion+ people are live mobile users and there's hardly any chance that you'll find any clients of yours doing without a mobile. Today time, there's no need to make you understand that mobile are the most important promotional, marketing & communication platforms to reach your potential customer and Bulk SMS service is one of the most effective and successful way to communicate with your clients.

Almost 70% of clients are interested to receive SMS communications from companies if they are opt-in to get them. So there's no any reason to ignore it as a wise business person. Here are 7 Benefits of Bulk SMS Services for your business that'll help you to gain maximum profits and increase your customers. Let's Start!

Quick Results & Reach Target :

Yes! Bulk SMS Services gives you the benefit of specific target and the best part is that you don't have to wait for results. In Today's time, whether you are founder of a large enterprise or a small business owner, you know the value of effective marketing.

Yes! If you choose for bulk SMS service, you will reach only your target clients and usually 8 out of 10 persons check it and read it. And do you know that the average response time for a email is about 90 minutes! Guess, How much time it takes for the clients to read a text message? Now, Get ready because it's going to shocked you! Only 1 mins. Yes, That's true! It only takes 1 mins for 7 out of 10 people to read your message after being received. And not only that, It only takes 60 seconds on average for a person to respond to a text sms. So, if you are among those who can't wait for results, then you can try our sms service. Well, that's good, Right. But wait! It's just the starting. Now, let's move to next point.

High Readability, High ROI + High Conversion :

High Readability = High Conversion + High ROI

Well, that's the simple and sweet success formula that works for Bulk SMS Service. Higher the number of readers higher will be the number of conversions. Bulk SMS Service helps reach a number of peoples and gives best readability that ultimately offers you a best chance to get high conversions. And When compared to app notifications, email and direct mail, SMS is the most choice communication channel by almost consumers. The leaders of the eCommerce market like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho etc., also share a important part of their marketing chart with the SMS Service.
They use it to send the wishes, latest offers, surveys, etc. to the clients. Or whenever they need an high reach, effective conversion and fast response. Stats says almost 70% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers bulk SMS. The SMS has a whopping response rate of 40%. That is very high from the email, which is only 5%. And an intelligent businessman brain understands the significance of these numbers and how much they can impact one's sales if done smartly.

Affordable & Cost-effective Marketing :

Newspaper Ads or TV Ads or Hordingbord, Pamplets. These are some of the very popular ideas of marketing. But a small business owner can't afford large expenses.

So, How a small or medium businessman will be able to survive in times of such high competition? Don't Worry! There's a highly effective platform that allows all size businesses to enjoy the benefits of marketing at minimum prices. You know the platform we're talking about, Yes! It's a Bulk SMS Services. Even if you are a small businessman or a large business owner, it can easily fit in your budget plan for your business. And there's no barrier that can stop you. With Bulk SMS Service, you can target almost a big state, country, any demographics, or even your local market. Spend only on your targeted area or targeted clients and enjoy the maximum response with one of the most reasonable means of marketing. It's mainly cost-effective that you can even start at today.

Personalized and Customized Messaging :

Scroll, scroll, scroll and suddenly, Dear Hemant, A message like this stops you. Does it happen to you? Mostly, your answer will be, "Yes" And not only your mobile number and your name but or birthday is also mentioned in that message. So, dear, that's is called Personalized Messaging.

Personalized messaging makes the clients feel connected. It also helps increase the engagement of the client. CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of clicks on a hyperlink sent in the message divided by the number of people who have seen the text sms. For example, you have sent a link to your web page, website, playstore link embedded in an SMS. Assume that 100 people read that SMS and out of 100, 60 people clicked on the link. Then, the CTR will be 60%. So ultimately, it can help increase the conversion rate of an Bulk SMS campaign. And not only that, but you can also send customized SMSes with a wish message on your client's birthday, anniversary, Award show or other events like that. It amazingly helps in making a better customer brand relationship. Almost 75% of consumers like to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

Track Your Bulk sms Campaign Easily :

Now the new big question, How to know that the bulk sms campaign is going the right way or wrong? It is a must to know whether the amount you are spending is getting used in the right way or not.

So here comes another new benefit of Bulk SMS Service, which is the benefit of strategic planning & transparency. Yes, once the SMS campaign start, you can check all the insights on your campaign performance. You can get all the real-time reports and detailed analytics graphs, the number of messages delivered, whether the customer has read or not read, the current status of the SMS, the graphical data and much more from your Bulk SMS Service Provider.
As an intelligent business man, you know that without strategic planning, you can't get the better results. This data will help you and your service provider to understand the right peoples and target areas. Also, it'll help you understand the behavior of your people. And with the help of these analytics and reports, you can plan the best strategies for your SMS Campaigns. That'll help you achieve a high ROI on investment.

Increase your existing marketing channels :

Are you already working on marketing and advertisement for your business on other channels like SEO, social media or email marketing? Yes, But they are not giving that much result. Is your answer the same? If yes, then it's time to get a little excited because Bulk SMS Service is again going to help you out. Yes! Bulk SMS Service also helps your existing marketing types to get a massive boost in conversions. Like, if you're looking for more leads for your web page, put a attractive message and start running your bulk SMS campaign with a link to your web page. It can make a massive difference in the no. of leads by getting a high CTR for your web page link.

And you can observe that all big and small companies also the top marketers are using Bulk SMS Sevices to benefit their other marketing channels. Whether it's a business coach who is sending you multiple reminders for their webinar to whom you've subscribed for emails, or it's an app notification that you've downloaded. It's getting used everywhere.

Easy Way to Start :

Here comes our last point, where we'll break your entry barrier and tell you how easy it is to get started with the Bulk SMS Service.Wondering how long it'll take to get started with the Bulk SMS Service? Well, it takes even less than 5 mins for us. Yes, in less than 5 mins, you'll be able to start sending Bulk SMS anywhere in India. If you're concerned about the starting process, you don't need to bother for even a second. The process is very simple and anyone from anywhere can make it done.

Even then, if you get stuck anywhere, Our Dedicated team is there 24x7 to provide you with best guidance in the whole process. And you need not have any type of entry fear because SMSGATEWAYHUB provides a Money Back Guarantee if you don't like the services. So, What are you waiting for? Let's start this brillient partnership today! Reach Us at +91-9907922122 and Relax!

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