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Tips to Write Interesting Messages for Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS or “Short Message Service” is one of the most effective and popular marketing tools for businesses. Bulk SMS Marketing is the latest trend of SMS marketing that is gaining lots of preference in E-commerce sector and the notable reasons are-

  • No need of Ad copies
  • Ensures no delay in implementation
  • Highly cost effective, even small businesses find it affordable
  • Mobile users find messages trustworthy
  • Easy to measure the results

Nowadays, target-customers are never without their phones, which make Bulk SMS marketing a very lucrative way to target and communicate with them. As per stats, success rate of SMS marketing is quite impressive as well-

Success Rate of Bulk SMS Marketing

Insights from different studies indicate individuals react most to messages sent by telephone. Some of the key factors of study are-

  • 20-30% customers open their messages
  • 47% of beneficiaries who click a SMS-link make a buy
  • SMS has a 98% open rate
  • 6 billion individuals use mobile phones
  • 90% of individuals read SMS within 3 seconds
  • 32% of beneficiaries react to offers while 31% react to survey invitations

SMS can be the most powerful marketing tool if utilized adeptly and that is why approximately 49% of advertisers preferred using SMS marketing in 2016. Below given are some of the best tips that you need to follow while channelizing a SMS marketing campaign-

Top 6 Tips to Run a Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

1) Know your Target Customer and build a SMS Targeting list

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To make your marketing efforts deliver the expected results, you should know who your target customers are, whom you are pitching to and why he or she will need your service. With Bulk SMS marketing, this becomes more crucial in light of the fact that each message should be client based.

The correct message customized for a correct client will be lucrative, while on the other hand the same message to the wrong client can be destructive

To know who to connect with, you need to make a contact list that should include your present, past and loyal customers. The information you have about every client can enable you to figure out who your objective clients are. The list should also include the data related to buy history and locations.

The best ways to know your customers are-

Sign Up campaigns are an incredible approach to discover best clients for you to contact as such campaigns educate clients about your SMS services that tempt them into joining your messaging list.

Reviewing if your SMS marketing is delivering the expected results by tracking success rate is another important way to know your customers. A successful SMS campaign is the one in which numerous clients click on the message and connect with it.

Inclusion of a simple opt-out option regularly in your SMS texts (by doing this, you make it clear to your customers that if they do not want receiving your messages they can stop it anytime).

Before building a SMS targeting list, constantly you should ensure you take after the below given rules and regulations of SMS campaigns-

  • TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines
  • Customers’ right to not receive unsolicited messages
  • Customers’ right to provide consent before receiving SMS
  • Customers’ right to opt out of accepting SMS

Realizing these rules will help you run successful marketing campaigns without facing any legal complications.

2) Never waste time of your customers, and always offer them Value

Every SMS ought to be justified and should be worth to the time of your customers. People feel bad when SMS focus on the wrong client offering very little or no value. Your SMS should never waste the time of your prospects by giving offers they do not find of any worth.

Awesome SMS thoughts incorporate challenges, contests, advancing a giveaway, and offering exclusive deals, which a senseless message risks irritating clients driving them to quit. This can bring about lost ROI as well. One approach to check whether your SMS are putting forth value is to track the outcomes. If your prospects follow your CTA and do what you want them to do, your SMS marketing effort is offering value.

Use keywords in SMS Campaign

Using SMS keywords, like ‘send OFFERS to 35256XXX’ to receive discount coupons from your nearest shopping stores is one of the best ways to grow an opt-in list of customers who want to receive your SMS alerts. This is one of the easiest ways to grow an opt-in list of followers. This prevents bulk SMS marketing from being intrusive, as with opt in list; you will only send messages to somebody who has given their permission. Use of Keywords for creating opt in list also helps you protect the reputation of your business by ensuring most of the recipients allow you to communicate with them.

While designing a bulk SMS marketing campaign, it is must to make sure that the recipient is going to be interested in your SMS offer.

3) Try using personalized Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Your SMS ought to seem personalized to each of your clients and that is why utilizing their name, rather than using a sweeping term like “client,” is considered more effective. For a SMS to be successful, it is important that the clients look at your messages just as those are from a good friend.

To ensure conversions, your SMS campaigns need to be tailored to individual customer groups. Details like Gender, Age, location and past purchases should all play significant role when you send out a SMS.

It is as simple as you can never offer free lipstick to males as response rates to such campaigns would be next to zero. Paying heed upon customer’s purchase history and using their demographic data will help you target them more effectively.

You can use mail merge feature of Bulk SMS marketing software and insert names and other customer-specific details into your messages to make the same a personalized one. You can also set the Sender Name as your Company Name and brand your text to ensure maximum impact.

As said above, knowing who your clients are and what they need is must to run bulk SMS marketing. Fitting SMS will influence your client to feel important that ultimately increments their faithfulness. For instance, if a client cherishes iPhone, you can tell them when Apple has scheduled its new release.

Be concise and keep it short

bulk sms text call

You should choose your words carefully, plus, you must get to the point straight away so the reward to the recipient is absolutely clear.

A SMS is limited to 160 characters that demand you to be to the point, but simultaneously, you should never be too direct. Conversion of a SMS depends on how quickly you convey your point. Your SMS should also relate with your brand identity and you should try to abstain from utilizing caps, abbreviations and emoticons.

When a client opens your SMS, he or she welcomes you into their private space. In that capacity, you ought to dependably value their time and offer something in a conversational way.

4) Knowing the right timing for sending your SMS is must

Timing enhances the possibility your client will read the SMS and that is why it is essential to know when your messages would be the most impactful. Right time of your SMS ensures that your client does not see it as spam. Great SMS ought to be at the time when the clients expect the same. Finding the best time may take experimentation and going through trial and error method will help you in this.

Tips for when to contact your clients
  • Weekends are extraordinary on the grounds that clients have all the more available time
  • Never send SMS too early or too late in the day and use triggers for clients to get SMS after specific activities

Know the right frequency

Should you send your messages ever day, week-by-week or month to month- In case, you send messages quite often; clients may get irritated and withdraw from the service. While on the other hand, if you make a long gap between messages, clients may forget why they subscribed you in any case- This means there is no any fixed number of messages you ought to send per day, week or month. Right frequency of sending messages has to be perfectly tuned as per the purpose of your SMS campaign and the target audience.

5) Effective use of Call to Action (CTA)

Open ended messages are not as fruitful as those that have a well-timed CTA.

Call to Actions used in a SMS ought to be brief and give guidelines to what the client ought to do. The simpler your CTA is, the more effective they would be in ensuring the expected results.

SMS should create a sense of urgency

You may set an expiry date to your vouchers because limited time validity of any offer creates a sense of urgency that ensures higher conversion rates.

Use of URL in CTA

You need to incorporate a telephone number or URL at the end of your SMS. In case you incorporate your site URL, you should ensure the link is mobile friendly. You should also shorten the URLs by using Bit.ly or Goog.gl. While using CTA in SMS marketing, you should ensure that the purpose for the SMS is clarified. You use CTA to convince the recipient to act on your SMS, and that is why it is important that the SMS tells them what they need to do to profit from the SMS information

6) Know when your customers respond, Track and Optimize your SMS Campaign

You need to know the right time to send SMS to your customers to generate a response. It is significant to leave your customers enough time during the day to take the action you want them to take. You may also use Bulk SMS Marketing Software like Scheduler for drafting your messages now and scheduling them for delivery at any time that you find right for your customers.
Tracking and optimizing are the final steps that you need to follow to measure how effective your SMS marketing campaign is, what the response rate is and what the ROI is.
To optimize your SMS campaign, you may text different offers at various times and can target different groups of customers, so that you can find the option that works best for you.
You can also use Bulk SMS marketing software to find the granular click through metrics for coupons, files and WebPages related to your SMS campaigns.
You need to regularly check and delete the old numbers that cannot be reached, as this will save your time and money. Following ‘Three Strikes and You are Out’ is considered perfect method for SMS campaigns.


Once your SMS marketing campaign incorporates aforesaid tips then it can be said that you are prepared to begin a bulk SMS marketing campaign that will bring more returns to your investments.

To run a successful SMS campaign, it is essential for you to comprehend the significance of accomplishing your objectives. Previously mentioned tips advise you about the best practices to expand the capability of your mobile marketing efforts.

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns help all kinds of businesses, regardless of whether it is-

  • To build the database of perspective customers
  • To create leads with viable SMS campaigns
  • To convert prospects with personalized offers
  • To retain existing clients through timely feedback and loyalty points

On the concluding note, the thing that you need to understand is the outcomes you accomplish are often based upon what you gain from you past campaigns- And that is why I prescribe you to conduct SMS marketing campaigns that can be effortlessly followed, tracked and can provide you notable analytics. It is basic that you utilize this information to settle on key choices, increase important bits of knowledge about clients’ behavioral conducts and campaign viability to persistently optimize your mobile marketing efforts to accomplish the best outcomes.

Want to learn best SMS marketing practices that industry experts prefer- Join in Mobile Marketing course to have the needed expertise. Still having doubts about how SMS marketing can boost your conversions in the Smartphone era- Ask us in comments below.

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