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Missed call to Whatsapp

Our best-missed call platform just got even versatile. Now engage your customers over WhatsApp via Missed Call. WhatsApp is a free mobile app that uses the smartphone's internet connection to chat with other WhatsApp users without SMS text message charges. WhatsApp is the leading messaging application in the world with an approximate of 1.5 billion active users every month. That's massive market penetration.

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Magnanimity of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries that’s almost 55% of the world. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day. And the engagement on WhatsApp is incredible with 98% of the messages are opened and read.

With this kind of engagement and accessibility, tapping into the WhatsApp inbox of the customer would be exemplary for any brand.

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SmsGatewayHub to WhatsApp

Innovation never stops at SmsGatewayHub we are always working towards providing our clients with the lastest and the most convenient means to engage their customers. SmsGatewayHub missed call engagement platform will let your brand interact with your customer via just a missed call. We now equip you to tap directly into your customers WhatsApp inbox via missed call and customers can start communicating with your brand without adding your number in their contact list. While we remail a low cost and high ROI service, our value addition has grown multifold.


What are we solving?

I am sure you are aware of how missed call marketing works, if not please visit https://www.smsgatewayhub.com/missed-call-services to learn the basics.

Firstly, the biggest hurdle in WhatsApp marketing is if you want to start sending messages to your customers and leads via WhatsApp, one of the most important things is that these people should have your contact number saved. Without which you cant push any messages to them.

So if you have to send a message via WhatsApp to your client then it’s a good 6 step process.

  1. Firstly your customer needs to find your brand’s contact number.
  2. They have to then save the number on their phone.
  3. They have to open their WhatsApp application.
  4. They have to find your brand’s number from the list of numbers saved on their phone.
  5. Then they initiate the conversation or send the message to you.
  6. On the receipt of their message, you can start communicating with them.

That’s a lengthy process and with their busy lives, customers usually don’t encourage this.

This is exactly what SmsGatewayHub helps you solve, upon giving a missed call your customer will receive an auto-reply message with an embedded code that will open directly on the WhatsApp application stored on their phone. So your customer can start the conversation with your brand with just a click of the link!

How will this help your brand ?

Moving beyond a simple text or email, you can infuse your brand spirit in uniquely new ways to make even more engaging customer connections.

WhatsApp is an ideal playground for viral content. With the perpetual habit of sharing the content received on WhatsApp, your brand can leverage this to a maximum extent and reach even the remotest users not accessible through email, Ads or even SMS marketing.

Right now is the moment to take action and build a strong WhatsApp marketing strategy for your business. Act now before all your competitors jump into the same bandwagon. Have the early adopter advantage, and build massive engagement before marketers all over the world start to figure out they are missing on this vast opportunity and spoil it for everyone.

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