Manage and create emails with a single, integrated platform

Create rich, personalized transactional and marketing emails, and send them via API or web portal, to capture your customers’ attention.

Contact Sales

Grab customers’ attention with stunning emails – no coding required

Reach all your customers worldwide via a single API and enjoy uninterrupted service at the scale you need. With more direct operator connections than any other messaging provider, SMSGATEWAYHUB’s private cloud-based carrier grade network guarantees superior performance and reliability. Especially for mission critical use cases.

Maintain brand consistency and recognition with templates for every occasion

Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple for you to build a brand library of email templates for every occasion. You can also import your own templates from other programs. Customize your templates in minutes and launch via our API or web portal.

Get your emails opened and read with rich personalization

Our personalization features go far beyond putting you on first name terms with your customers. Combine placeholders through our APIs or via our portal to send highly sophisticated and contextualized emails that deliver value.

Prebuild responsive campaigns that drive conversions

Our visual flow builder enables you to create personalized and automated customer journeys that can be run at any time, or combined into an omnichannel journey. Send emails at the right moment triggered by customer actions - opened emails, clicked links or no engagement.

Increase your open rates by getting emails delivered to the right inboxes

Email Validation service helps businesses verify subscribers' email addresses and ultimately leads to increased open rates by getting emails delivered to the right inboxes.

Smsgatewayhub email validation service acts as your first line of defense in identifying invalid and high-risk email addresses within your email base.

Sending emails to high-risk subscribers will only undermine your sender reputation so use email validation to identify temporary mailboxes and role-based emails, such as help@.

Use our email API or Portal to verify that an email address exists in real-time before sending a message.

Easily detect mistyping errors like "" instead of "" to lower your bounce rate.


Ensure compliance with unsubscribe requests

Embed our prebuilt unsubscribe placeholders into your HTML code, or into your email builder via API and portal. Our robust blacklist approach ensures that if a recipient asks to be left off, they are.


Metrics and more to understand email performance

Effectively spot and rectify incorrect addresses, bounced emails, and other issues that compromise your results. Achieve complete visibility over your email performance with management-friendly reports covering delivery, opens, clicks and more.


  • Increase your customer base

    Turn your existing customers into advocates with email social invites that they can send to their friends and family.

  • Improve customer engagement

    Send personalized newsletters with regular customized updates that are relevant to your audience.

  • Increase promotional conversion rates

    Improve click-through rates with targeted personalized promotional emails.

  • Improve your customer experience

    Deliver sensitive information related to account changes, suspicious activities, and account status over the channel your customers prefer.

  • Reduce churn rate

    Keep customers engaged by sending behavior-triggered notifications about their purchase, order status and incentives.