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Common Questions

What is a difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS?

Promotional SMS: SMS which have motive to promote your brand, product or services. Transactional SMS: This SMS are sent to your registered customer for any types of information.

How many SMS I can send in a single time?

You can use unlimited numbers in a file to send SMS.

How many contacts I can upload in a file?

You can upload unlimited contacts in a file to send SMS.

Do you provide SMS database for SMS sending?

We schedule SMS on our own database.

Do you provide Database security?

Yes, Whole database of our customers is secure in panel.

How many Transactional Templates I can add?

You can add Unlimited templates, its charge free.

How many Sender id I can add?

You can add Unlimited Sender Id, its charge free.

How much time it will take to approve a Caller Id?

It can take 2 Hours maximum for approval.

Can I delete an Existing contact List?

You can easily delete contact list after using, go Add and View contact List option.

What is sender id?

Sender id is a SIX character unique identity which can represent your company, brand or firm etc. It is compulsory to use in Transactional SMS.

How many characters I can use in single SMS?

You can use upto 160 characters for a single SMS.

Which format does your application support for file upload?

.TXT & .CSV format.

What is Transactional Template?

A fix Editable template which you can using for send Transactional SMS.

How much time it will take to approve sender id?

It will take 2 Hours maximum.

How many caller id I can add?

You can add Unlimited Caller id, its charge free.

How many language I can use in Text SMS content?

Our panel provide UNICODE feature, you can send SMS in any type of languages.

Is there any option to schedule campaign on specific time?

Yes, you can use schedule sms option for schedule SMS later.

Can I send SMS on DND numbers?

Using Transactional SMS service you can send SMS on DND numbers. Promotional sms services does not allow SMS on DND numbers.

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