Developer API - SMS Integration

Send alerts, reminders, billing & other important informational SMS to your existing customers.

SMS APIHave an online eCommerce store? created a web based app? looking for ways to integrate your app with sms notifications to your customers in India? we're here to help you.
Now get all sample API scripts to send SMS from PHP, Java, .Net, C#, etc with a dedicated SMSGATEWAYHUB™ account loaded with 20 SMS Credits for testing, all for FREE.
Sign Up now for our 20 Free SMS Trial package and deploy our powerful API's in less than 5 Mins. For any support regarding SMS API integration, feel free to email us with your requirements (or) call us on +91-9907922122

Our Basic API Features

  • Send Single/Multiple SMS
  • Check Account Balance
  • Check Delivery Reports
  • Supports Php, Java, C#, VB, .Net, etc

SMS API & Third Party Integration

What is API? : API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate SMSGATEWAYHUB™ SMS services into your own application for better control and functionality required by you.
HTTP API : Its is used to send single/Multiple SMS from your application. It's typically a simple URL which you should call from your Application to send SMS instantly. We can provide below API's

  • Send SMS API: Use this API to send 1 or more sms from your app, response will be a unique 'msgid'
  • Delivery Report API: This API is used to check the delivery status of the sms sent earlier, using 'msgid' parameter received from step (1).
  • Balance Check API: Use this API to check the balance of your account any time.
  • Receive SMS API: You can also receive SMS response/feedbacks in real-time using our Virtual Mobile Number or Short Code services.

Additionally, our API's can also be configured to work on other third party applications that require SMS gateway for it to function, for example, Desktop Application and other CRM applications.


markLightning fast Delivery in ~10 Seconds markSupports both GET & POST
mark100% Delivery on Active Numbers markSecured with Apikey
markSend to 3K Numbers in Single API Call markReadymade sample files
markSLA Guarantee markGroup SMS via API
markSupports Php, Java, VB, .Net, C#, etc mark99.99% Server Uptime
markCustom API on request markNetwork Redundancy

What makes SMSGATEWAYHUB™ API Stand Out?

SMSGATEWAYHUB™ provides you with one of the most user-friendly API's available in the industry. Take our customers words about us! We receive emails every now and then from our customers appreciating our super simple yet fast SMS API's for Indian market.
Customized API Solution: You might want a custom task to be done over API, or you want to integrate sms service into your CRM that needs different API structure etc, we're hearing! For the first time in India, we're here to provide you with bespoke SMS API solution to suit your needs.
Our APi's are pretty faster not only in terms of response speed but also faster in terms of delivery. Our Estimated Delivery Speed: ~10 Seconds.

Steps Sending SMS with SMSGATEWAYHUB™ Sending SMS without SMSGATEWAYHUB™
Turn Around time Go Live! within 30 seconds and start sending messages instantly It takes you minutes for account activation and hours/days for sender ID activation
Login Process Simple, quick and easy signup Long registration process. Confusing forms
Integration & API Create your app (or) integrate with existing apps seamlessly, in less than a hour You need to invest time & money on developers to integrate
Technical Know how No technical knowledge required Technical know how required for integration
Affordability Affordable rates 'with' proper service and support. No Setup cost. No hidden fees. You'll either find a provider with insane rates (or) a low quality service with fancy rates ending up with no sms delivery.
Customer Support Award winning hybrid one point sales-cum-support team to answer your queries instantly. No one cares about you after that cool guy made a superb sales pitch and got you in!

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