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Shared Long Code

An affordable option where you can get a unique keyword of your choice on a shared 10 digit long code. The keyword needs to be present at the beginning of an SMS so that all incoming texts can be correctly directed to respective inboxes. Ex: BUSINESSNAME OPTIN to 9664653344

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Shared Long Code
Dedicated long code

Dedicated long code

Get a 10 digit long code for yourself and receive any messages sent to the number. With unlimited keywords, you can choose your own keywords and use it for multiple scenarios according to your requirement. Ex: CALLME to 96xxxxxx44

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Short Code

In brief, a short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, like a short telephone number, used by businesses for text message purposes. SMSGATEWAYHUB offer shared Short Code Services. Short codes are widely used on print advertising, Television and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising. They are simply unforgettable 5 digit SMS Text numbers LIKE 56161. Ex: BUSINESSNAME OPTIN to 56161

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Shared Short Code

Two ways to start receiving SMS

SMSGATEWAYHUB stores all SMS messages from your customers and prospects in one place, neatly organizing them into relevant inboxes based on Keyword/LC/SC combination.

  • Multiple ways you can manage SMS replies.
  • Automatically forward all incoming messages to an email address.Type a message.
  • Automatically send all incoming messages to a URL
  • Automatically forward all received messages to your mobile.
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