Telemarketers tear up as Telecom Operators hike commercial bulk SMS fees by 25-30% from 1st August 2023

A2P Pricing hike on bulk sms

Hike Bulk SMS fees

New Delhi [India]: In a recent communication, telecom operators of A2P SMS services, has informed its valued customers about an upcoming price revision for their services. This decision navigates through a period of industry transition, characterized by the adoption of next-generation technology and compliance with various statutory regulatory guidelines. The company acknowledges the need to enhance its infrastructure and deploy state-of-the-art platforms to stay in pace with the dynamic market landscape.

The price revision, scheduled to take effect on August 1st, 2023, commitment to maintaining and further enhancing the quality and reliability of their A2P SMS services. By investing in technology advancements, the company aims to ensure seamless communication solutions and deliver excellent customer support to its esteemed clientele. Telecom operators have announced their plans to raise prices for A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS services, with an expected increase of 4 to 5 paisa per SMS from the current price tariffs. This adjustment, set to take effect soon, aims to address market dynamics and support operational investments.

The revised pricing structure presents the new rates per SMS for different quantity ranges. These adjustments are designed to align the pricing with the evolving industry landscape, while supporting the necessary investments required to meet regulatory guidelines and enhance service capabilities.Customers need to evaluate the financial implications of these changes. Consequently, they have expressed their willingness to provide detailed information regarding the revised pricing structure. Customers can expect to receive clarification on any changes to the existing service features and billing procedures. Vodafone and other Operators aims to facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring transparency and effective communication throughout the process.

Telecom companies remains dedicated to delivering high-quality services, and the price revision is a necessary step to maintain their commitment to excellence. Customers are encouraged to review the provided information and assess the impact on their organizations. Should any questions or concerns arise, readily available to address them, providing the necessary support and guidance during this transition period.Telecom operators price revision announcement reflects their ongoing efforts to adapt to industry changes, comply with regulatory guidelines, and invest in cutting-edge technology. By doing so, they aim to continue providing reliable A2P SMS services and excellent customer support in an ever-evolving market.