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Bulk SMS Frequently Asked Questions

Which Place Bulk SMS can be used ?

We Provide Reliable, Fast & Premium Bulk SMS Services in India. Bulk SMS Service can be use many types of business like - Advertising, Makerting, Automobile Sector, Banking and Finance, E-commerce Sector, Eductaion Sector, Event Management, Government Public Utilities, Beautycare, Healthcare sector, Logistics, Media, Entertainment, NGOs, Realestate, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Tourism Sector. For more detail Contact Now

Election Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Benefits

Our election management expert has been helping election and politicians parties in managing all over India's political and election bulk sms campaigns. SMSGATEWAYHUB make big arrangements for political parties to attract with huge peoples and party members in fraction of time. Our services are designed to make Automatically push the sending of SMS directly through your software or web application. SMSGATEWAYHUB has a great team of political strategists, bulk sms and voice sms campaign managers and others. Some benefits of bulk sms and voice sms campaigns for election :
1. Low Advertisement Cost
2. Convey Message Easily
3. Send Personalized SMS & Many More options.

Differences Between Explicit SMS vs Implicit SMS

Service Explicit : Explicit SMS refer to the SMSes that are generated to you as the customer after consent is received by you to send these messages. These will be sent to you only after a thorough verification process, checking that you have in fact approved such messages to be sent to you.
Service Implicit : Any message arising out of customer's actions or his existing relationship with the entity that is not promotional will be considered as Implicit SMS. Read More

Bulk SMS Effectiveness

Smart mobile use is increasing rapidly. SMS is a smart way to reach customers directly. You can increase traffic and keep visitors engaged with your business by simply including a link in the text.
Group texting in India has high open rates. According to research, 98%+ of SMS messages have a 50% response rate, while a 30% email open rate has a much lower 7% response rate.
SMS marketing is similar to email marketing, and email marketing has a lot in common in execution. Bulk SMS marketing is also used to send instant notifications.
This is the key to active communication. SMS marketing has the benefit of giving you instant information about the latest updates, latest offers, and discounts.

Bulk SMS marketing is also used for urgent client order updates such as canceled events or orders, general information, changes or updates. As there are more people, it is more difficult to get everyone the information they need. In this case, the best group SMS messages play an important role.
It is used for short-term promotion for any eCommerce website. There is no better way to drive traffic to your website than promotion.
It is difficult to communicate urgent updates for a large number of employees to everyone at the same time. So in this case, bulk texting makes it easy for everyone to receive your messages on time, which email marketing cannot do instantly.

Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits

Bulk SMS marketing is a best tool for business promotion or order confirmation of any e-commerce website. It is an low budget method of communication. Here you can drive traffic at a low price. Mostly times Customers need time to time information regarding train time, flight time updates. Using SMSGATEWAYHUB Bulk SMS marketing services you can provide them with the required information.

SMSGATEWAYHUB Provide Reliable Bulk SMS and Bulk Email in almost Indian cities like Kochi, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Jaipur, Raipur, Lucknow, Kanpur etc.

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is especially wont to send OTP, order notifications, and other informational details. Send only informative messages to known contacts like employees, students, school customers, members etc. You have so many options for Transactional SMS Service provider in the market, but I would suggest you to go for SMSGATEWAYHUB Bulk SMS Services who believes in providing best quality services to our customers it is also one of the fastest growing Bulk SMS Service Provider Company (Messaging Platform) in India. Read More

What is Promotional SMS?

Send promotional/informative messages to contacts. you've got to send from DLT approved header and therefore the message won't be delivered to DND numbers. By default, you're configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS can't be delivered to numbers registered within the National Do-Not-Disturb (NDND) registry. Promotional SMS is employed to supply inform customers about the newest deals, latest offers, discount coupons & other advertising offers. Read More

What is OTP SMS?

OTP SMS is used to avoid that threat and increase trade safety. When the authentication is done by the system, your trade gets completed in a scrap of seconds. It's also called as two factor authentication. These days fraudulent practices are really common splendors. Hence OTP SMS service provides a result to all these illegal exertion like phishing, keyboard logging etc. OTP SMS is used by banks,e-commerce hatches, payment gateways etc. Read More

How do I buy SMS or OTP Bulk SMS service ?

Check our 'OTP Bulk SMS Pack' option provide to purchase sms credits. Clicking the link would take you to the SMS Pricing page. You can go simple process for buy sms credits such as, Go to SMS Pricing Page, Select SMS Pack then click Buy Now option.

What are the business Advantages of SMS ?

One of the topmost effects about SMS is that it delivers, and we don't mean to your phone. For almost 11 years, SMS has proved to be constantly effective in broadcasting business communications directly to your client base and triggering a desired behaviour or action. There are lots of benefit in employing SMS as part of your business process and communications strategy in order to reach your selected audience.

How Can Start SMS Marketing ?

SMS Marketing begins when a versatile client sends a catchphrase as a message to a particular shortcode. These kind of messages are called MO messages (Mobile Originated message).

What exactly is text sms marketing ?

Basically, instant message advertising is connecting with your clients on their cell phone's message informing application to drive store visits, increment site or store visit recurrence, and fabricate brand devotion.

Bulk SMS Aggregator

A Bulk SMS Aggregator is an important channel partner for the telecom operators, or we can say the bulk SMS gateways. An Bulk SMS Aggregator essentially aggregates SMS from distributers and operators in wholesale in addition to marketplace. A bulk SMS API aggregator makes use of a couple of SMS gateway with their tie-ups for SMS relays and routing the usage of unique routing methods. SMS aggregators use Bulk SMS Gateway services with SMPP that define the Bulk SMS speed.Read More...

Difference between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS

This is a very common question !! What is the difference between promotional and transactional gateway.
Last year TRAI has come up with a category called Transactional SMS to curb the unsolicited communication. We have already described this in an earlier post What is Transactional SMS.Read More...

What is Bulk SMS API ?

Application Programming Interface or API because it is popularly referred to as, is that the most simplest way of sending automatic messages directly from your own platform. Bulk SMS service API allows you to send bulk messages in several formats and in various networks. It makes it easy to manage, record and store all the order updates.

Benefits of Advance Bulk SMS service API ?

a) The speed during which API bulk SMS is shipped is completely unmatchable. Thousands of SMS are often sent at one click.
b) API bulk SMS gateway is extremely flexible allowing you to include numerous features and mold the messages consistent with you would like. it's an efficient way of sending bulk SMS.
c) It also provides high security of your data.

What is Voice Call API and Voice OTP API ?

Voice Call API may be a single integrated API of multiple channel APIs developed by SMSGATEWAYHUB. Our voice API enable a uniform and uninterrupted communication between the purchasers and your company. OTP Voice API Benefits :
Additional security of your account
Real-time content changes
Easy to pause your campaign
Add multiple channels

What is DLT in Bulk SMS ?

TRAI has released a notification to overcome the problem of unsolicited SMS. As per the latest TRAI guidelines, every Business (Principal Entity) and Bulk SMS Service Provider (Telemarketer) will now have to register with the Telecom Operators (Access Providers) to continue sending SMS to their clients.

What is Content Template in DLT ?

Content Template is the actual message text that has to be submitted and get approved by DLT before sending it to your customers. Content Template is required for every single message that will sent to the customers and is mandatory for all SMS routes (Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit and Promotional).

What is the length of an SMS message ?

Standard SMS messages may be up to 160 characters.

What are the advantages of your Bulk SMS service ?

SMSGatewayHub provide technique to send SMS (messaging) one by one or in bulk. Low Per Message Cost, Zero up front cost and Instant Delivery are some of the key advantages of our SMS Service.

What Company Provides Register Template on DLT Platform ?

Videocon DLT Platform , Jio DLT Platform, VILPOWER/BSNL DLT Platforms, Airtel DLT Registration, Tata Tele Services DLT Registration, MTNL DLT Registration.

What is DLT Registration ?

Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps track of all the records of transactions made by network participants. Where telemarketers need to be registered And Sign up with operators and users & resellers with operators but through Telemarketer Company.Read More...

Ready to Get Started Reseller SMS Services ?

Enjoy the experience, reseller SMS is the right choice for you and your business!

Is SMS API available for my Resellers and Customers ?

Yes, its available with out any charges.

Is there any reseller option ?

yes we provide reseller option. Just drop an email to sales[at]smsgatewayhub[dot]com for reseller panel.

How does Bulk SMS work?

Bulk SMS messages works in exactly the same way as sending a text sms online (as detailed in the former entry), except on a larger scale. Rather than send a messaging to one recipient, you would send your SMS to a group of recipients utilising the functionality of a bulk SMS service, like our proprietary Smsgatewayhub Messaging service.

How to send bulk SMS messages for business?

Our system is very easy to use. Once you have amassed a list of client phone numbers, they are uploaded to your Smsgatewayhub bulk sms account. Once you have purchased a messages bundle from us, simply login to your Smsgatewayhub bulk sms account, enter message and select the individual client or group of customers that have consented to receive additional communication from your business. Click send and you're bulk SMS campaign done!

In addition, to comply with TRAI rules and regulations you will need to register on any one of the DLT platforms. For more detail about DLT registration click here.

Advantages of Using OTP SMS Service

OTP SMS Services for Corporate and Enterprise, send OTP SMS via APIs. Informal OTP SMS Gateway for transmitting Bulk OTP SMS for mobile Phone Verification. SMSGATEWAYHUB Premium OTP SMS services are considerably used by NBFC,e-commerce Website, Banks and other businesses as well. The main reason for consigning OTP SMS is to deliver end addict echelon security while dealing with any kind of transactions. OTP SMS adds an excess cover of protection to our deals.

What is Fintech SMS Solution & Fintech SMS Marketing?

Fintech SMS Solution and Fintech SMS Marketing refer to the application of SMS (Short Message Service) technology within the financial technology (fintech) industry, specifically for communication and marketing purposes.

Fintech SMS Solution :- This generally refers to the use of SMS as a solution or tool within fintech applications. Fintech companies often utilize SMS for various purposes such as:

1) Authentication and Security : Sending SMS codes for two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify user identity for transactions or account access.
2) Transaction Notifications : Sending SMS alerts for transactions, balance updates, or payment confirmations.
3) Customer Service : Using SMS for customer support by allowing users to initiate support requests or receive assistance through text messages.
4) Marketing and Promotions : Sending promotional messages, offers, or updates about new services or features to customers.

The focus of Fintech SMS Solutions is primarily on enhancing user experience, improving security, and facilitating communication between the fintech company and its users.

Fintech SMS Marketing :- This specifically refers to the use of SMS for marketing purposes within the fintech sector. Fintech companies can leverage SMS marketing to:

1) Acquire Customers : Send promotional messages to attract new customers.
2) Engage Users : Keep existing customers engaged with updates, special offers, or personalized messages.
3) Notify Users : Inform users about new services, features, or changes in terms and conditions.
4) Reminder Services : Send reminders for bill payments, loan repayments, or other financial obligations.

Fintech SMS Marketing can be highly effective due to the direct and immediate nature of SMS messages, which are typically read within minutes of receipt. It allows fintech companies to reach a broad audience quickly and efficiently, driving customer engagement and retention.

In summary, Fintech SMS Solution encompasses the broader use of SMS within fintech applications for various operational and customer interaction purposes, while Fintech SMS Marketing specifically focuses on using SMS for promotional and marketing activities to enhance customer engagement and acquisition.More Detail Contact