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Cheapeast Bulk SMS : if you are searching cheapeast bulk sms provider then read first before buy

Fake Bulk SMS Scam Alert

Like every industry, Bulk SMS industry also has a black market. That black market consists os service providers that do guarantee their service, attract clients by offering tremendously discounted rates even down till 1 Paisa and being a fresh user or just to save some bucks from the expense, the client is attracted to them and is sooner or later found cheated.

Fake Bulk SMS Review Fake Bulk SMS Review

By putting random personal numbers under and between the bulk SMS list can help you understand the actual ROI and delivery status of the campaigns.

The service provider may also ask you to provide all your testing numbers at once so that they can WHITELIST them and no cutting is applied to these numbers even when they are channelized to Fake delivery.

A better solution is to allow only some or only 1 number of them and keep the rest to be looped in and checked over the actual Bulk SMS campaign.

Make use of several test campaigns before purchasing the services from such low priced vendors, you will easily understand the difference between QUALITY and QUANTITY.

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